Corporate Structure

Addison Foods Inc., a Texas corporation, was formed in 1978. The company functions through three separate operating divisions with common administrative, finance and service support. Management and staff of each division and support staff have been in place for many years; thus creating stability, job familiarity, and a commonality of purpose benefiting each division and the general corporate structure.

Addison Foods maintains a sufficiently flexible trade and bank line of credit to adequately allow for orderly growth and, if warranted, reasonable expansion in sales, staff, operations, inventories and equipment. Addison Foods utilizes no high-risk inventory, manufacturing, trading or currency ventures to enhance profits.

The Edible division is active in the purchase and resale of truck/rail car quantities of domestic and imported meat and poultry products to processors, grocers, and wholesalers in the U.S. and foreign markets.
U.S. Pet Food Supply Co., the inedible division is one of the oldest, ongoing raw material suppliers to the pet food industry in the nation.

These divisions have an in-house traffic staff to expedite their shipments.

Addison Transportation is licensed by the Federal Highway Administration as a Transportation Broker. Addison Transportation works closely with importers, manufacturers, logistic service companies, custom house brokers and receivers of their goods throughout the U.S.

Addison Foods Inc. current management and operating staff is comprised of a group of men and women with years of experience in their respective fields. We are proud to list many Fortune 500 companies’ as vendors, business partners, and clients. At Addison Foods, service is our priority.

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